Mimi LaRaque

I am mom to an awesome blessing.  I can talk a storm and enjoy cooking a super-delicious meal.  From a young age, I’ve always love to talk, but didn’t like food too much (go figure!…)  My passion for cooking grew when, at the age of 15, I had to cook for my younger siblings.  And, I have been cooking ever since.  I love to cook, eat, and have never met a conversation I didn’t like.

My style of cooking is both regional and global.  But the one thing I insist on — is that the food be absolutely delicious and enjoyed by family and friends (family is anyone who is seating around the table with you at that time!)

So, come, I invite you to pull up a chair, join the conversation and let’s cook together…YES, you can cook any style of cuisine. Start with two things love and great ingredients.

The other focus of this site is great conversations.  No TOPIC is off limit.  We will exclude fear, limitations, whether self-imposed or imposed by others.  We will focus instead on our fabulousness, values, and strengths.

Stay in touch by leaving your comments —  I welcome them and send you heartfelt thanks for stopping by.

Mimi lives in New Jersey with her husband and phenomenal daughter, Ces.

 “Live a life full of flavor.”

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Stay fabulous,