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Be Who You Are and Say What You Feel

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Be who are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter, don’t mind.—Dr. Seuss

 Love, love, love that quote.  I can think of many instances, in my life, where this would hold true.  When others shut us down, instead of taking it personally — use this quote as a tool to analyze whether or not we matter to that person.  If we do matter, the conversation will go on…and if not, oh well…be careful so as not to allow yourselves to be silenced by someone for whom we do not matter.  People who love you allow you to state what’s on your mind, whether they agree with it or not.  It’s about letting our voice be heard and appreciated.  Everyone wants their voice to be heard.  If you’ve got something to say —  Be Who You Are by learning to Say What You Feel!

Don’t be preocuppied by others who refuse to hear what we have to say.   Instead, use your energy to enrich the lives of those who matter and for whom we matter.  Life is too short – let’s not waste it on things or people who do not merit it…do not allow anyone to silence you…speak your mind…and remember to always try to live a life full of flavor.

Relish in your fabulousness…


Live a life full of flavor…

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