Freeze Fruits Like a Pro and Save Money…

frozen fruits berries

Freeze Fruits is super easy, fast, and cost effective. Best yet, they retain their flavor quality for up to 12 months, so you will be enjoying their super flavor all year round. Get in the habit of buying fruits that are in season and freeze them like a Pro -- use them all year round.  You will save money and have the best tasting fruits.  Fruits taste better in season.  Buying them off season ...{Continue Reading}

In Search of a Great Mascara!!!

Voila - The're Real by Benefit mascara!

Found it!!!   They're Real by Benefit. I had the pleasure (or not) of putting on false eyelashes -- it takes some getting used to.  Let's put it this way -- I've had some  challenge getting used to them.  I came across this product and bought one -- got home -- tried it and VOILA, I was very impressed.  So much so that I went out bought four of them, sent one to my fabulous daughter (she is ...{Continue Reading}