Fresh Salsa with Grilled Corn and Habanero Pepper


Fresh Salsa with Grilled Corn and Habanero Pepper - this is a wonderful Spring and Summer Salad!  SPRING has sprung!!!   Spring is a time of rejuvenation --- it's finally here!  and for those of us who love to cook, we're in full gear waiting with exhilaration to make our favorite salads, grilling our favorite seafood (fish, shrimps), meats, and wonderful fresh vegetables from our local ...{Continue Reading}

How to Select and Store Beets

Fresh Beets

Select and Store Beets--When buying beets, choose small or medium-sized beets whose roots are firm, smooth-skinned and deep in color.  Smaller and younger beets are so tender that peeling may not be needed after they are cooked.   Avoid beets that have spots, bruises, soft or wet areas, shriveled or flabby. Those are signs of spoilage. The green part of the beets can be consumed also.  You can ...{Continue Reading}

Roasted Beets Salad with Feta Cheese and Roasted Chicken!

Roasted Beets

Beets are good for you and very nutritious. I like them roasted, pickled, raw, or steamed.  Eating healthy has been a staple in my home for several years now.  Late last year, I decided to just go Gluten Free.  And I've been at it ever since.  At that time, I remember thinking, we will have to make a lot of adjustments, because most things are not GF.  You see, I hadn't talked to my husband and ...{Continue Reading}

Eggs & Avocado for Breakfast!

eggs and avocado slices

This recipe was created on a whim.  One morning, I was looking for something to eat in lieu of the regular oatmeal or cereal. The avocados were staring at me on the table. Right there and then, I decided to boil some egg and voila...great breakfast that can easily be turned into dinner by adding chicken or a great steak.   Healthy and good for you!!! ...{Continue Reading}