Ooh la la, Beautiful Crème Brûlée!


Ooh la la, Beautiful Creme Brulee  This is my favorite dessert of all time.  I love, love, love Crème Brûlée...can't say anymore about.  It is wickedly delicious...Today, I am making Crème Brûlée because my wonderful daughter is back from London and has invited her flat mate for lunch.  Then, I thought what better way to finish lunch with a dessert that has love written all over it... Things ...{Continue Reading}

Life is a story – DAMN IT – let it be your own!

Roasted Chicken

Every day we write our life story by  how we live, choices we make, etc.  Life is a compilation of what happens in everyone's life. Therefore, it is unique because no two people are alike.  We come uniquely manufactured. This is exactly why you should be in the driver's seat.  In other words, own your life - live your life according to your own rules.  God (yes, I said God) created each of us with ...{Continue Reading}

Welcome the EmptyNest – It might be your BEST yet!


My husband and I became empty-nesters last year.  Our favorite daughter is in London studying for a Masters Degree.  During the first few months after she left, I wasn't sure who was going to have a nervous breakdown myself or my daughter.  I prayed so hard for God to protect her -- hence, I am still praying. These days, I am really enjoying this new Chapitre.  It's time to explore new ...{Continue Reading}

Eggs & Avocado for Breakfast!

eggs and avocado slices

This recipe was created on a whim.  One morning, I was looking for something to eat in lieu of the regular oatmeal or cereal. The avocados were staring at me on the table. Right there and then, I decided to boil some egg and voila...great breakfast that can easily be turned into dinner by adding chicken or a great steak.   Healthy and good for you!!! ...{Continue Reading}