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If Someone Offers You a Gift…

Love, love, love this story…

Buddha was well known for his ability to respond to evil with good.  There was a man who knew about his reputation and he traveled miles and miles and miles to test Buddha. When he arrived and stood before Buddha, he verbally abused him constantly; he insulted him; he challenged him; he did everything he could to offend Buddha.

Buddha was unmoved, he simply turned to the man and said, “May I ask you a question?”

The man responded with, “Well, what?” Buddha said, “If someone offers you a gift and you decline to accept it, to whom then does it belong?”

The man said, “Then it belongs to the person who offered it.”

Buddha smiled, “That is correct.  So if I decline to accept your abuse, does it not then still belong to you?”

The man was speechless and walked away.

When the next opportunity comes up (and it will!) and someone offers you a gift of upsetness, bring-you-down, inadequacy, doubt, fear, negativity, etc.  AND this applies when you are also the giver.  How could you give yourself a bad gift — simple.  When you allow your head to tell you “you are less than”, “you are incapable”, “you are not strong enough” — when you speak negativity toward yourself — that’s how.

Whenever the gift arrives, PAUSE and refuse it.  How do you refuse it?  If it’s from another person, decline to partake by not answering them or participate.  Don’t allow them to get under your skin.  If it’s from you — rethink the possibilities instead of saying “I can’t”, say “I can and I will”.  Live with the determination of refusing to allow any negativity.  REFUSE to give it life…


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