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Life is a story – DAMN IT – let it be your own!

Every day we write our life story by  how we live, choices we make, etc.  Life is a compilation of what happens in everyone’s life. Therefore, it is unique because no two people are alike.  We come uniquely manufactured. This is exactly why you should be in the driver’s seat.  In other words, own your life – live your life according to your own rules.  God (yes, I Lifesaid God) created each of us with free will, which allows us to make our own choices.  The human being is not born with any limitations.  We learn about doubts, excuses, limitations as we canvas the road to life.  IMPOSE NONE OF THE LATTER ON YOURSELF.

Live your life on your own terms.  Follow your bliss.  Give your life meaning.

The purpose of life is to live it, because life is an opportunity.  Actually, when you are not living your life, it shows a lack of appreciation for still being alive.  The truth is, tomorrow does not belong to anyone of us — nothing is guaranteed.  So to live life with expectations is really setting ourselves up for disappointments.  Give it your all.  In the end, it’s all that matters…Life is a journey…enjoy it!


Ten things you can do to improve your life today!

  1. Love – spend time loving others, especially those who are around you, love, love, and love them!
  2. Spirituality – be kind, compassionate, respect other, treat others exactly how you would want them to treat you!
  3. Joy – invite it in your heart and home.  Commit to experience joy!
  4. Regrets – seriously, don’t dwell on them!
  5. Disappointments –  let them go!
  6. Anger – absolutely get rid of it!
  7. Unforgiveness – don’t let it settle in your heart!
  8. Struggles – face them, they will make you stronger!
  9. Mistakes – inevitably we will have make some.  There is no perfect human being. Learn from them and move on.
  10. Live life –  you’ve only got one chance – make it worth it!


Mimi LaRaque




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