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In Search of Energy, then come YOGI Tea!


My new favorite ritual for energy…First, let me start by saying I am not getting any money from the makers of this tea– it’s not an endorsement — it’s just that when I find out about something good I like to share it.  This tea has so many great flavors. Since I discovered Yogi Tea, it’s been one of my favorite daily ritual — in the afternoon — it’s become my daily go-to-pick-me-up.  I am talking about the Refreshing Mint Vital Energy flavor — that’s my favorite.  I swear by this thing.  It gives a jolt for the rest of the day.  It’s not obnoxious — doesn’t make you hyper, but gives just enough natural energy needed for the remainder of the day.  Note: it has caffeine in it — so if you are allergic to caffeine, then it’s not for you.  Note: it has caffeine in it — so if you are allergic to caffeine, then it’s not for you.

The other part of the Yogi tea that I also enjoy is that each packet comes with an inspiration — awesome!  Today, when I got ready to have my energy boost, the inspiration was:  “Have Wisdom in your actions and Faith in your merits.”  It stopped me cold — especially the last part “Faith in your merits.”   Most time, the measure of our faith is based on what we think we merit.  When we don’t think we merit something, we start by self-sabotage, then we speak it into existence by finding all kinds of reasons why it wouldn’t happen, why we shouldn’t do it, why it wouldn’t work… then we create excuses such as:  we are too young, too old, don’t have enough time — or any other crap…

Our faith is in direct proportion with how much we think we merit whatever it is we are trying to achieve.  Next time, we endeavor to accomplish or achieve something — whether it is buying a new car, getting a great new job, or just a happy life — once we feel the other voice creeping up — filling our minds with all the “I cant’s” and the “I’ll never be able to…”  KICK it to the curb!  Totally, ignore it .  We all have experienced that voice at some point in our lives.  STOP and think of that inspiration “Have Faith in your merits.”

Live a life full of flavor,

Mimi LaRaque


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