How to Select and Store Beets

Fresh Beets

Select and Store Beets--When buying beets, choose small or medium-sized beets whose roots are firm, smooth-skinned and deep in color.  Smaller and younger beets are so tender that peeling may not be needed after they are cooked.   Avoid beets that have spots, bruises, soft or wet areas, shriveled or flabby. Those are signs of spoilage. The green part of the beets can be consumed also.  You can ...{Continue Reading}

Look and see What’s Cooking in Mimi’s Kitchen today! Easy Chicken Dumplings

Chicken Dumplings

Chicken Dumplings...yum, yum, yum I love Dumplings so much I can eat them everyday...yum.  Today I made Chicken Dumplings with a Spicy Sauce...and it's way...way..waaaaaaay...better than takeout.   These are very easy to make and they don't take a long time.  After you make them yourself, you may never get them as takeout again... See Recipe below. [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:17] ...{Continue Reading}

The Power of Intention!

Seat of the Soul Book

I was watching "Oprah's Super Soul Sunday" last week, and she was interviewing one of my favorite authors of all time.  He also wrote one of my favorite books -- "The Seat of the Soul"!  Thank you, Gary Zukav.  I can't say anymore, hum...great things about that book.  Mine is underlined, highlighted and I still refer to it...Great read! One of the many powerful things he talked about in the ...{Continue Reading}

What the hell am I suppose to do next…

Do you ever feel that you have no clue what the next stop is for you.  You are wrestling with so many things on your plates and somehow nothing is looking like the clear path.  Well...just maybe...when that happens...that is exactly what is supposed to be...unclear...then the next step is to make a move in any direction to get unstuck. Sometimes, it's good to sit and do nothing for a ...{Continue Reading}

Chicken Curry is on the Menu Today!!!

Chicken Curry

Here is a list of ingredients you will need to make this delicious meal...your family will love it... Chicken (I am using organic), onions, curry powder, olive oil, tomatoes, cilantro,  chicken broth (or water), worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper, habanero pepper (optional) For the marinade, you will need onions, tomatoes, olive oil (though you could use canilla or vegetable oil), bunch of ...{Continue Reading}

Ooh la la, Beautiful Crème Brûlée!


Ooh la la, Beautiful Creme Brulee  This is my favorite dessert of all time.  I love, love, love Crème Brûlée...can't say anymore about.  It is wickedly delicious...Today, I am making Crème Brûlée because my wonderful daughter is back from London and has invited her flat mate for lunch.  Then, I thought what better way to finish lunch with a dessert that has love written all over it... Things ...{Continue Reading}

Eggs & Avocado for Breakfast!

eggs and avocado slices

This recipe was created on a whim.  One morning, I was looking for something to eat in lieu of the regular oatmeal or cereal. The avocados were staring at me on the table. Right there and then, I decided to boil some egg and voila...great breakfast that can easily be turned into dinner by adding chicken or a great steak.   Healthy and good for you!!! ...{Continue Reading}

Simple Vinaigrette


This is the quickest, simplest and easiest vinaigrette recipe around. I had to share it with you because of the great meal combinations this vinaigrette dressing can make. Enjoy! [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:8] ...{Continue Reading}