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Ten Things to Improve your Life Today!…

Ten Things

Ten things you can do to improve your life today!

  1. Love – spend time loving others, especially those who are around you, love, love, and love them!
  2. Spirituality – be kind, compassionate, respect others, treat others exactly how you would want them to treat you!
  3. Joy – invite it in your heart and home.  Commit to experience joy!
  4. Regrets – seriously, don’t dwell on them!
  5. Disappointments –  let them go!
  6. Anger  absolutely get rid of it!
  7. Unforgiveness  don’t let it settle in your heart!
  8. Struggles – face them, they show up in our lives to make us stronger!
  9. Mistakes – that’s exactly what they are…mistakes…inevitably we will make some…there is no perfect human being. Learn from them and move on!
  10. Live life –  you’ve only got one chance – make it worth it by living fully!



Mimi LaRaque


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