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The Power of Intention!

Seat of the Soul BookI was watching “Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday” last week, and she was interviewing one of my favorite authors of all time.  He also wrote one of my favorite books — “The Seat of the Soul”!  Thank you, Gary Zukav.  I can’t say anymore, hum…great things about that book.  Mine is underlined, highlighted and I still refer to it…Great read!

One of the many powerful things he talked about in the book is the “Power of Intention”–I could weep when I think of what Gary Zukav said in the book.  Quoting Gary Z “even when you are not aware of your intention, you are creating it, good or bad”…

The choice of intention is the fundamental thing that brings energy into form.  So, think before we act.  When we act in fear, anger, nothing good will or can come out of it.  Let’s be careful on how we act and react…we may be creating our pain, whether we are aware of it or not.  Let’s focus ourselves on being aware of our feeling because we act — how do we do that?  PAUSE, PAUSE, PAUSE…pause before we condemn, pause before we judge, pause before we act…

AND, when we make a decision, let’s make it from an honest place, not from anger, fear, or retaliation…Because, whether our choices are intentional or unintentional, the result or consequence will be based on the Intention that was behind the decision.  When we judge, someone else will judge us; when we condemn — we will find ourselves being condemned by another person.  Let’s strive to become aware of our INTENTION, as much as we can,  so we can choose always from a place of love…

Stay fabulous,

Mimi LaRaque


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