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What the hell am I suppose to do next…

LifeDo you ever feel that you have no clue what the next stop is for you.  You are wrestling with so many things on your plates and somehow nothing is looking like the clear path.  Well…just maybe…when that happens…that is exactly what is supposed to be…unclear…then the next step is to make a move in any direction to get unstuck.

Sometimes, it’s good to sit and do nothing for a while…stillness will speak to you.  There is creativity and clarity in stillness.  If we stay quiet long enough, life will speak to us.   And BELIEVE in the power that there is no accident in life, everything happens for a reason.  I am learning to take my own advice this month.  I have to trust and believe that life is propelling me to a new direction…that is the true test, really…So, let’s take the lesson for ourselves  when we are at a crossroad…

Stay positive,

Mimi LaRaque

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